ACC History Gallery 1950's


                                                                                    Allestree Cricket Club 1950.

                     Back row L-R, Martin Green, John Broadhurst, Michael Foot, ?,?,?, Graham Langridge.

                     2nd row, Mrs Haywood, Mrs Tipper, ?,?,?, Bobby Clifford, John Ash, Paul Taft, ?, ?, Ken Blood?, Don Radford,

                     ?, Des Clifford, Michael Green, Gladys Oates, Wilf Barks, Ann Tipper, Val Green.

                     3rd Row,  George Haywood, Fred Partridge, Billy Tipper, Harry Watson, Billy Oates, Dave Turquand,

                     Charlie Wilkinson, Jack Cantrell, George Watson, Arthur Cotterell.

                     Front row, ?, Frank Tipper, Guy Oates, Roger Riley, Michael Wiles, Graham Poole, ?.



                                                                                                       Allestree Cricket Club 1954.

                     Back row L-R, Brenda Weston, Mr Harrison (umpire), Des Clifford, Tim Wallace, Ted Aspley, Ray Lawrence,

                     Barry Aitkin, Frank Sadler, Bobby Clifford, Lol Goodman, Gill Hubbard (scorer & wife of former Test umpire

                     Barry Meyer)

                     Middle row, Don Radford, Denis Spencer, Billy Oates, Arthur Cottrell, Freddy Partridge, Bill Spiby,

                     George Taylor, Jim Woodhouse.

                     Front Row, Paul Taft, John Graves, Warwick Royle, John Chambers, Dave Nelson, Colin Brown, Ken Goodman.



                                                                     Allestree Cricket Club Annual Dinner at the Court Cafe early 1950's.

                     Standing L-R, G. Taylor, Arthur Cotterill, George Haywood, unknown, Harry Watson, unknown, Eric Aspley,

                            Paul Taft, Ted Aspley, last 3 unknown.

                     Left Hand Table Left Back to Front, unknown, George Middleton, unknown, Billy Oates, unknown.

                     Left Hand Table Right Back to Front, 2 unknown, E. Hand, unknown, Colin Brown, unknown.

                     Right Hand Table Left Back to Front, Fred Hall, Charlie Wilkinson, Frank Sadler, unknown


                                                        Allestree Cricket Club 1956 Mayor of Derby, Jackson Cup winning side

                  Back row L-R, Ken Blood, Des Clifford, Derek Dodds, Bobby Clifford, Don Radford, Geoff Cawthorne, Ben Hall,

                  Edward Mason (Hon Sec)

                  Front row L-R, Denis Spencer, Billy Oates (Capt), Bill Spiby, Frank Sadler