Allestree Gala Day 1988

The Gala Day was the means to raise money for the new Cricket and Football club pavilion. Starting in 1978 and running to around 1990, once a year on the late May Bank Holiday the whole of the Recreation Ground was closed off and events were held. Various known entertainers (comics Bernie Clifton & Don Mclean being two) of the time opened the event and it raised money for both phases of the pavilion construction. Both club's were to use the facilities and did so for a number of years until following a complaint the football pitch was measured and found to be undersize for men's Saturday football. The football team then moved to Eyes Meadows, Duffield where it continue's playing. Various Allestree Junior and Sunday teams used the pitch and facilities until 2012 when the Council decided to withdraw it's maintenance of the ground, centralising the playing of football to the grounds in Derby with multiple pitch facilities due to budget constraints. The goalposts were erected at the start of the 2012 football season but a visit in late March had seen them removed. This is the first time in my living memory and I go back to the mid 1960's, that the rec has seen no goalposts present in the football season. So much for getting the youth of today off the xbox.


                      Former Cricket Club stalwart, the late Robin Collis runs one of the many stands on the lower part of the

                 recreation Ground where the second bowling green is now situated.


                     Barbara Deane talking to John Chambers and Ben Hall on another stall.


               The same stall but this time with the legend that was Peter Jeffery trying to drum up custom with Ben Hall.


              Avis Butcher looking after the cake stall. Avis still organises events which brings in much needed income to

              the club. A lovely lady and a club stalwart.


             Entertainment this year was supplied by the Breadsall Hill Toppers marching band. Here they make their

             entrance onto the Recreation Ground. The gates were moved and re-erected further to the right of the picture

             as part of the car park improvements in 2012.



            Another regular feature was the tug of war event where teams from around Allestree competed against each

            other. In this picture the Allestree team are competing. Referee Steve Hitchcock looks on whilst bent over in

            the foreground team manager Dave Beauchamp attempts to get the best out of them.

            The team is from L-R, Greg Webb, current 2nd XI Captain (with a mullet to match Simon Le Bon) Alan Dillingham,

            Andy Nelson, Les Day, unknown, Nigel Barker, Charlie Hall and anchor man Dave "Bully" Gifford, son of Norman.


           Another stall this time the coconut shy on the cricket pitch. Evidence of the material required to build the

           second phase of the pavilion is present. I think those manning the stall are standing, in the black shirt Richard

           "Boysie" Boyes, his father in the blue and white shirt Roy and sitting down brother Andy Deane.



            Storm clouds gather over Allestree, this could have been the year that a heavy thunderstorm stuck and 3

            people were hit by lightning! Happy none were seriously hurt, but at least two were knocked to the ground.

            One of them if I remember correctly was the clubs own Steve Wrenn.


            What will the groundsman make of this, a live steam engine running over the square! In the background is the

            old tea pavilion now a store. It was built in the late 1940's to replace the one destroyed by fire. This too has

            now been replaced by a prefab concrete shed around half the length.