Team's Played (1860 - 2017)

This section shows each team who Allestree have played against with the number of games, wins, draws, losseand the year the first and last game's were played. To find a team first pick the 1st or 2nd team and then the section is in alphabetical order. For example for games against Elvaston 2nd XI, select the 2nd team tab and then select "E". All teams whose name starts with the letter "E" will be shown.

The 1st team section shows over 3000 results and the 2nd team over 2000 results. These are taken from the results from the fixture list's in the "Season Reports" section. This section will be updated at the end of each season adding that season's results along with any past results found during the year.

1st Team

2nd Team

Friendly Team

From 1997, the first and second team friendly games were reduced into one side and became the friendly XI. All friendly games from 1997 will be transfered from the first and second team records into the friendly XI as the years are written up.